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The Envelope Method: An Old Budgeting Trick That May Save Your Finances

The Envelope Method: An Old Budgeting Trick That May Save Your Finances   Money plays a very crucial role in the world today. Though people may argue how important it actually is, the honest fact is that having money can make things easier on you. A lot of people out there have the money they [...]

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Lower Your Debt and Boost Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is essential. Your credit score is no longer being used solely for credit applications. Employers now use your score as a gauge of how responsible you are with your finances. Their logic is that if you are not responsible with your own money, then they cannot assume that you will [...]

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What Is Loan Identity Theft?

What to Do If You Encounter Loan Identity Theft Loan identity theft happens when identity thieves use your stolen information to open a new loan. This can be anything from a quick loan to student loans. So what do you do if you fall victim to identity theft? In today’s blog, the Quick Loans team [...]

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Quick and Easy Ways to Borrow Money

How to Borrow Money Fast Everyone finds themselves in a financial bind at least once or twice. Whether it’s due to a medical situation or you need to cover your rent, we have all been there. No matter your situation, we’re here today to tell you that you have plenty of options for borrowing money [...]

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What You Need to Know About APR

What Is APR and Why Does It Matter to Me? Whether you are borrowing money through a bank loan, an installment loan, or another type of loan, you will be given an interest rate and an annual percentage rate (APR) that tells you how much it will cost to borrow the money. While interest rates [...]

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Quick Loans Identifies Some Myths About Auto Loans

If you’re saving up money for a vehicle, you may consider a car loan to finance your purchase. Many potential buyers like the convenience of car loans, and they can get approved relatively quickly. However, before you apply, it’s essential to be well-informed so you can make the best decision. Today’s blog from the Quick [...]

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